Quality Assurance

The Initial procedure to guarantee quality

By only dealing with internally approved vendors and by buying directly from manufacturers or their authorized vendors, we are able to guarantee top quality components. All of our suppliers performance is continually being screened .

Our quality control commences the moment the components arrive on site; with verification of part numbers, labels, manufacturer, condition of packaging and accuracy of date codes . All accompanying documentaion is then saved for any future reference. Our experienced staff who have been trained in the field ofcounterfeit detection will then thoroughly examine the components for damage and authenticity. If further investigation is required we will conduct in-house testing.

The same quality assurance procedures are followed when we ship to you our customer.You will be provided with a certificate of conformity detailing that the components are new and unused, that they are authentic and you can view the history of your component – country of origin and date code.


Our Vendors

Initial is careful to select only the best vendors. We only deal with internally approved vendors and manufacturers or their authorized suppliers. Our screening process for approved vendors is based on the quality of components supplied, order accuracy and speed of delivery among other criteria. You will remain assured that our selection process provides your company with only the best quality components.


Counterfeit Procedure

Counterfeits are on the increase !

Initial guarantees customer satisfaction and the supply of quality components

Initial Electronics has been in operation since 2003 . We are your partner in component sourcing and we take the threat of counterfeit components very seriously. We have an excellent reputation and intend to reliably serve our customers well into the future. 
Counterfeiters today are using newer technology to deceive. Our staff have been trained in Counterfeit Electronic Avoidance, as a result they have expert knowledge in identifying intricate markings, specialised logos and lot numbers identifying the true part. They will investigate through microscope and via an acetone test.


Test Services

We support 3rd Party independent testing houses offering electrical testing or by X-Ray to verify a components authenticity.


Our Certifications

Initial is compliant with all regulatory standards . We are ISO 9001:2008 registered and ESD 20:20 compliant and ESD 20:20 compliant .